World Premiere

of an Original Canadian Play


Written and Directed

by John Bandler

That The Multitude May Live

(Now on YouTube)

At The Hamilton Fringe Festival, July 19-29, 2012

“Brenna Rae MacNaughton, Matt Szpirglas and Steve O’Brien . . . deliver some great lines.” “their combined talents are spellbinding.”—Denyse Terry, Hamilton Fringe Reviews, July 22, 2012.

“There wasn’t a seat left in the house . . .” “The rich story line is blissfully complimented by the flawless execution by its actors and actresses . . . who transfixed the audience from the get go.”—Teresa DiFalco, The Hamiltonian, July 23, 2012.

reminiscent of Ray Bradbury’s science fiction . . . takes us to the edge of toppling humanity”—Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator, July 25, 2012.

Brenna Rae MacNaughton pitches the show . . . .  


Plot Summary Decades from now, in an era of altered realities, mind-augmentation and institutional terrorism, the dirty bombing of the Luton Maxwell Tower leaves Manhattan uninhabitable. Actress Naomi Verne, believed to have perished alongside billionaire-inventor Luton Maxwell, challenges Walter O’Dwyer, the new President of the American Union—the man she calls Daddy—to a rendezvous. Now on board the hyper-yacht “Luton Maxwell” a struggle ensues between the players—one of whom seems all but dead. (One act, science fiction, psychological drama, love story)


Time Just decades from now Setting The hyper-yacht “Luton Maxwell” Place On board living room

That The Multitude May Live takes place in the aftermath of the dirty bombing of the Luton Maxwell Tower. The Coalition of God claims responsibility. So why was billionaire-inventor Luton Maxwell charged with treason moments before time zero?

Inspiration/Themes (1) Perhaps you too watched, horrified, as 9/11 unfolded on television. Conspiracy theories still abound. The usual suspects include the US Government and Israel. How about a demolition theory for 9/11? A controlled demolition. (2) How about todays accelerating invasion of both our individuality and our privacy? Yet how quickly we allow ourselves to be rewired into the bliss of technological “advances.” Are there not obvious benefits to having our state of well-being perpetually monitored? (3) Consider Sophies Choice on the national as well as the personal level: what would you be willing to sacrifice so That The Multitude May Live?



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Online advance tickets on sale July 1, 2012
Show Times

(Latecomers will not be admitted)



July 21

8:15 - 9:15 pm



July 22

8:15 - 9:15 pm



July 24

8:30 - 9:30 pm



July 26

8:00 - 9:00 pm



July 27

9:25-10:25 pm



July 28

1:00 - 2:00 pm



July 29

3:00 - 4:00 pm

Venue 4:

Citadel Studio


28 Rebecca Street

Hamilton, Ontario




That The Multitude May Live on facebook


Brenna Rae MacNaughton

Steve O’Brien

Matt Szpirglas

Valerie VanLandschoot


Brenna Rae MacNaughton
Steve O’Brien
Matt Szpirglas

Valerie VanLandschoot—Technical Director/Stage Manager

Michelle Spanik—Sound Designer
Beth Bandler—Producer
John Bandler—Writer/Director/Executive Producer

Press There’s a film waiting to be made of this play, wrote Tom Mackan in The View on July 17, 2010 about John’s Christmas Eve at the Julibee Motel. Bandler owes a debt to the European film writers . . . , a debt to the likes of Renoir, Godard, and even Hitchcock . . . Said Teresa DiFalco in The Hamiltonian, July 18, 2011, about John’s last world premier (directed by Tom Mackan), Powered by a clever script, flawless performances, twists and the intrigue of what the future may hold when technology is intermingled with politics and ethics, 59 Minutes in the Maxwell Suite keeps its audience seized.


Hamilton, Ontario As well as being popular with the film and TV industry, Hamilton enjoys a vibrant arts and theatre community. It is home to the Royal Botanical Gardens, McMaster University, and Theatre Aquarius, as well as a host of theatrical venues and groups, including Black Box Fire, the Dundas Little Theatre, the Staircase Theatre, the Artword Artbar, and Theatre Burlington. The annual Hamilton Fringe Festival follows the Toronto Fringe Festival. Regular reviewers of the local theatre include Gary Smith of the Hamilton Spectator, and Tom Mackan and Robin Pittis of View Magazine.


That The Multitude May Live is sponsored by Theatre Burlington.


Outstanding recent productions include Breaking the Code, The Miracle Worker, and The Imaginary Invalid. Theatre Burlingtons 2012-2013 season offers Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams.


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John Bandler, Executive Producer

Last Update: December 18, 2012