In 2020 I completed eight short two-hander scripts. One of them, The Caffeine Rabbit Hole, was filmed in spring 2021 during the height of the strict pandemic lockdown in Ontario, Canada.

The Thinking Contest

A young man tries hard to engage a young woman in conversation.

This Time Itís For Real

A young man threatens his girlfriend with suicide.

The Secret Is Black Coffee

A young man tries to explain to a young woman the utility of coffee shops as incubators for creativity.


Two young women discover that they might be more alike than they expected.

Olivia and Odette

A young server in a coffee shop comforts a young woman in trouble.

The Caffeine Rabbit Hole

Two extraterrestrials in humanoid form trying to figure out whether coffee shops provide a clue to the extinction of humans experience feelings for the first time.

The Audition

Two young actresses participate in an unsettling audition.

Until The Last Drop

Two young women find themselves trapped by the paradox of time.

Last Update: December 29, 2021