World Premiere

of an Original Canadian Play


59 Minutes in the Maxwell Suite


By John Bandler


Directed by Tom Mackan


At The Hamilton Fringe Festival, July 14-24, 2011


Production Team:

Danielle Dean-Alton

and Kevin Moore


"Powered by a clever script, flawless performances, twists and the intrigue of what the future may hold when technology is intermingled with politics and ethics, 59 Minutes in the Maxwell Suite keeps its audience seized." "Jared Lenover and Elaine Hale, deliver a compelling performance."—Teresa DiFalco, The Hamiltonian, July 18, 2011.

"Jared Lenover ... gives an absolutely stellar performance, easily the best male performance I’ve seen eleven shows into the Fringe... This does not in anyway overshadow a strong performance by Elaine Hale... She plays scared, vicious, sexy and conniving masterfully, and keeps up with Jared nearly every step of the way."—Ryan Trepanier, Hamilton Fringe Reviews 2011, July 19, 2011.

"Lenover's charisma and charm... You ... wish you could be stuck in his suite, even if only for 59 minutes. The stunning Elaine Hale ... holds her ground... Veteran director, Tom Mackan, takes a challenging script and ... weaves a beautiful dance of movement, emotion and passion using Lenover and Hale to the edges of their ability."—Stephanie Yantsis, Hamilton Fringe Reviews 2011, July 19, 2011.

‎"59 Minutes in the Maxwell Suite ... written by John Bandler and directed by Tom Mackan. Staring Elaine Hale and Jared Lenover, the production values couldn’t be better: Flawless acting, beautiful set and polished blocking ... engaging and dramatic journey ... ADDITIONAL WARNING LADIES: Hot man in white pants!" —Katie Penrose & Tamara Kamermans, View Magazine, July 21, 2011.

"What an incredible play, well written, thought-provoking and stellar acting." "Jared did a wonderful job ... a character the audience loved to hate." "Elaine ... provided Naomi with mighty conviction ... Elaine swings from being calm and collected to panicked, to upset, ... most of all, deciding whether she is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure her survival..."  "...this 59 minutes is time well spent."—Avishka Juta, I Heart Hamilton Tour, July 29, 2011.

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Jared Lenover

Elaine Hale

Steve OBrien

Plot Summary Decades from now, in an era of customized realities, billionaire Luton Maxwell—inventor of the psycho-invasive, mind-augmenting Maxwell Patch—is under Congressional investigation for ethics and human rights violations. Indeed, everyone is after Time Magazine’s most hated man on the planet. The night Luton provokes Naomi Verne, actress and daughter of a presidential candidate, into storming his hotel suite, a suicide squad—supported by a dirty bomb—supposedly takes over the floor below. Fact or illusion, in the frenzied swirl of allegation and revelation, Luton’s plan for her survival unfolds—to begin with, Naomi must forsake her identity.

   Going, Going, Gone.  CLICK HERE FOR ON-LINE TICKETS!  Then show up at 28 Rebecca Street.

  Downtown Arts Centre Studio

  28 Rebecca Street, Hamilton, ON






  8:30 - 9:30 pm




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Tom Mackan, Director.  Not born in a theatre dressing room exactly, but Tom’s been around the stage most of his life, a life getting to be seriously long. He directs, acts, teaches, and adjudicates. He writes occasional reviews for The View, a local weekly in the GHA/Niagara, and publishes a Community Theatre free e-newsletter. Recipient of the 2007 City of Hamilton Arts Award for Theatre and dozens of regional and provincial awards for acting and directing, Tom is a retired teacher of English and Drama and now lives full time in Hamilton. In 2010 he was named Best Director in the Western Ontario Drama Festival and Theatre Ontario Festival for Theatre Burlington’s multiple-award-winning production of Breaking the Code.

John Bandler, Writer and Executive Producer.  As well as four stage plays, John’s fiction includes a novel and a screenplay about Cyprus’s 1950’s historical struggle for liberation. He contributed to Theatre Burlington’s 2010 multiple-award-winning production of Breaking the Code, for which he received the Western Ontario Drama League adjudicator’s special award for (his Greek language) dialect coaching. John was a dialect coach for Theatre Burlington’s 2011 production of The Miracle Worker. He is author and executive producer of  Christmas Eve at the Julibee Motel, performed at The Hamilton Fringe Festival in 2010. He is a member of Theatre Aquarius’s Playwrights’ Circle.

Jared Lenover (Luton Maxwell) Jared enjoys being involved with theatre on both sides of the curtain. He has been involved technically or artistically with several different companies in Hamilton, including Black Box Fire, Hamilton Theatre Inc., the McMaster Thespian Company, and Hamilton Urban Theatre. Recent roles include Oscar Wilde in Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde and The Writer in Vieux Carré. He hopes you enjoy the show. He thanks his dog Murphy for not eating his shoes in retaliation for spending so much time at rehearsals.


Elaine Hale (Naomi Verne).  Elaine studied theatre at Queen’s University, and over the past 25 years has performed extensively in the Hamilton area. Elaine’s favourite productions include Miss Julie, The Constant Wife, How the Other Half Loves (I’ll never forget “Mary the Mouse”!), The Real Thing, The Hobbit, Marvin’s Room, Lettice and Lovage and The Heiress. She has appeared in several commercials and independent films. She last worked with Tom ten years ago. “Much too long, Tom. This is a challenge and a delight.”

Steve O’Brien (The Commentator).  This is Steve’s second Fringe appearance. Recent credits include A Man for All Seasons (Theatre Aquarius: Hamilton Lawyers’ Show), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (The Players’ Guild of Hamilton), and the 2010 award-winning production of Breaking the Code (Theatre Burlington). For his role as Dillwyn Knox in Breaking the Code, the Theatre Ontario Festival awarded him “Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role.” He is grateful to John and Tom for giving him a chance at this intriguing show.


Danielle Dean-Alton, Stage Manager and Technical Director. Danielle is happy to be a part of the production, and working with such a fine cast and production team. Previous work includes production and behind-the-scenes work for Black Box Fire, Hamilton Theatre Inc., McMaster Musical Theatre, McMaster Thespian Company, Shooting Star Theatre Productions, Theatre Aquarius, Hammer Entertainment, Silvermist Productions and Canada’s Wonderland.

Kevin Moore, Assistant Stage Manager.   Kevin comes to our Fringe Festival project fresh from being bitten by the stage bug. He impressed everybody with his enthusiastic backstage skills and work ethic in The Players’ Guild 2010 production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Kevin is an amateur writer and hopes to use his experience in the Fringe Festival to further hone his craft. “I'll do my very best to make this production a success,” he says.

59 Minutes in the Maxwell Suite is sponsored by Theatre Burlington.

“Bringing the Best in Live Theatre to the Bay Area since 1953.”     Theatre Burlingtons next season is a SEASON of COMEDIES.

Furnishings for 59 Minutes in the Maxwell Suite provided by Stoney Creek Furniture, Canadas largest furniture showroom.

SPECIAL THANKS: Ariel Rogers (Jared Lenovers Costume), Michelle Spanik (Sound Design), Luke Brown, Brian Morton, Mel Watkins, Judith Sandiford, Qingsha Cheng, Dan Belvedere, The Players’ Guild of Hamilton, Cable 14 TV Hamilton, TVCOGECO Burlington/Oakville Cable 23, The Dundas Star, The Hamiltonian, SNAP Hamilton, The Hamilton Spectator.



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John Bandler, Executive Producer

Last Update: February 16, 2012