written, produced, and directed by John Bandler

Photo credit: John Bandler; Logo & image processing: Rachelle Ho & John Bandler

The Hamilton Fringe Festival, streaming July 15-25, 2021


Steph Christiaens as DARA

Jaclyn Scobie as LENIK


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Plot Summary


Humans are extinct. Did pestilence wipe them out? Perhaps their low-fidelity cognition, or their inability to see into the brains of fellow humans? Perhaps their erratic, unproductive behaviour? Within a controlled facsimile bubble, two extraterrestrials adopt humanoid form to figure out whether coffee shops provide a clue. As their “humanitarian” mission unfolds, our extraterrestrials uncover more than they bargained for.


Our Team


DARA—Steph Christiaens
LENIK—Jaclyn Scobie

John Bandler—Writer/Producer/Director
Emily Wood—Composer/Performer
Megan Vierhout—Assistant to the Director
Jeremy Major—Technical Consultant/Editor
Rachelle Ho—Logo and Promo Image Design and Processing
Beth Bandler—Co-Producer
John Bandler—Executive Producer




A coffee shop.


Gregory Atkinson, David Brennan, Caroline Concordia, Olivia Fasullo, Ruth Flynn, Heather, Kanabe, Danielle LeBlanc, Peter Lloyd, Tom Mackan, Eric Martin, Franny McCabe, Ian Rayburn, Elizabeth Indianos, Kit Simmons, Christopher Stanton, Konrad Swierczek, Daniel VanAmelsvoort, Vikki Velenosi


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John Bandler, Executive Producer

Last Update: June 23, 2021