John Bandler—Playwright


Some years ago, while working on his novel about Cyprus’s historical struggle for liberation, John met novelist-playwright Polychronis Koutsakis, who inspired him towards the stage and screen.  After attending Robert McKee’s “Story” and “Genre” seminars, John’s fiction includes a novel, four stage plays, and a screenplay.  For these, he also acknowledges his many friends and writing buddies, who helped advance his art.  Now, for their passion and hard work on Christmas Eve at the Julibee Motel—his first staged play—he thanks the director and his cast and crew.  He was thrilled to have been involved in Theatre Burlington’s 2010 award-winning production of Breaking The Code—directed by Tom Mackan—for which he received the Western Ontario Drama League adjudicator’s special award for (his Greek language) Dialect Coaching.  When John—professor, engineer, entrepreneur, and author—plunged into art and creative writing, he unleashed the right side of his brain.  The war with the left side rages on.  See


Last Update: July 8, 2010