John Bandler, Expressionist Painter

On a visit in 1995 to the studio of the Toronto artist Sybil Cohos, John Bandler found himself with brushes in his hand, paints on a palette and an empty canvas on an easel. The canvas quickly filled with cataclysmic representation in explosive colours. He has continued to paint, preferring the user-friendliness of acrylics. His work is influenced by abstract expressionist and surrealist works. John often does not have any concept or plan in mind when starting to paint. After applying a few strokes he follows what emerges, attempting to bring structure and harmony to the composition. He is influenced by the gesture and the action of the brush, as well as the texture and colour of the paint. He has attended many workshops and courses, including ones by Seymour Segal, the Quebec artist. He has enjoyed instruction from a number of artists, including Gary Spearin. He concluded his studies at the Dundas Valley School of Art by attending several courses in art history delivered by Regina Haggo. He revels in the delicious escape from the discipline of engineering, the rigours of mathematics, and the demands of his collaborators.

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Last Update: January 24, 2011